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After playing with Sigma grid again and again, I feel quite interested in its customized renderer...
 Bob Wisan 
Sigma Grid is easy to use, extremely thorough in reports building. We added interactions with end user in such reports, just like kind of data mining...
Ken renny

I cannot believe how perfect the visual gui builder is. I am still amazed. It is fabulous. What is more, documentation and the install have all been perfect so far, and sooooo easy!


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Sigmasoft Technologies LLC is a software company providing cross-browser javascript GUI components and tools & services involved. Our aim is to make AJAX simple and easy.
Sigmasoft also provides end-to-end solutions in web development (Web 2.0, PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, XML, Flash), Application Development and IT Consulting Services.
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sigma ajax ui builder box Sigma Visual - AJAX GUI visual builder

Written in javascript and PHP, Sigma Visual is web based visual AJAX GUI builder for RIA developers. With 40+ AJAX components included, SigmaVisual help developers save their time in building up prototype as well as real web applications.

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WYSIWYG AJAX Visual GUI builder. Do everything by drag & drop.  Significant development time reduction.
40+ common components, including Tabs, Dialog, TreeGrid, TimeLine and many other web GUI components. Works with any backend (php, .Net, Java, python) or static HTML pages; Web services(JSON/XML/SOAP) can be directly bound.
Wide cross-browser compatibility, IE6+, firefox1.5+, opera9+, safari3+ and Google Chrome.
Full API Documentation with tons of samples. Ever Increasing Code Snippets.
Compatible with jQuery, prototype, mootools and other frameworks.
jsLinb library is released under LGPL license, Commercial License is available too.


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sigma ajax grid box Sigma Grid - Component for data editing & presentation

Written in pure javascript, Sigma Grid is an Ajax DHTML data grid for displaying and inline editing data in a scrollable and sortable table.  

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Seamless Integration with any server side solution, such as j2ee, .net, PHP, perl .
Inline editing, keyboard data navigation, nested multiline headers, sortable and frozen columns.
Built-in server-side and client-side paginal output.
Grouping by column and chart to make it easy to build a traditional-look printable reports
User defined renderer enable developer to present cell data as your customers' wish.   
Power filters make it easy to search any data. 


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main service
Components customizations

End-users' requirements are protean. Sometimes some unique requirements or features that may not be found in our standard release packages. Sigma Soft offers complete software customizations to meet specific requirements. Our customizations include the following services(but not limited). more...
Extended features
Other components, such as tree/calendar/fish-eye implementations
Integration with third-part components.

Offshore Outsourcing

Generally, we provide development service with fixed price.We come to an agreement on the end-user requirements and the price for development of your project. Thereafter nothing is subject to any changes. You pay us stage by stage. more...

If you require some outsourcing, please contact sales[at]sigmawidgets[dot]com to get more information about how you can start a joint work with us.

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