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Sigma Ajax Grid

Written in pure javascript, Sigma grid is an open source AJAX data grid for displaying and inline editing data in a scrollable and sortable table. It is very powerful yet  easy to use &  integrate with php,, jsp and RoR.

sigma ajax grid master / details sample screenshot
sigma ajax grid master / details sample screenshot 

What New In 2.4

More methods and events provided for programming

Full source code with comments

More examples coming in our wiki. You are welcome to share your experience there.


Master/Details - Cell phones shop

User defined cell renderer - Image cell - Dynamic search - Math formulas for cells - Show and hide grid - Main menu - Resizable grid - CSS Based Themes -  Checkbox in paginal grid - Print  - Charts and graghs - Lockable header and column - Frozen Columns - Movable columns - Resizable columns - Sortable columns - Export To PDF - Export To Excel - Export To XML - Export To CSV - Highlight row in condition - Flexible API - Ajax driven paging - Ajax driven sorting


New Features

Here is a list of sigma grid new features. See a full feature list >>

  • IE 6.0+ \ FireFox 2.0+ \ Safari 3.0+ \ Opera9.0+ \Chrome supported.
  • Online printing, to make it easy to print tabular data in WYSIWYG way.
  • Built in button, no coding. Bar diagram, line diagram and pie diagram built in.
  • Translation tabular data into diagram without any server-side coding.
  • Extensibility enable you to replace built-in cell editor with custom external component, present cell data as your customers' wish.
  • Data filter enables grid to present the data users are interested in only.
  • Ability to enable developer to work out as complex header as they wish.
  • Nested header, image header, dropdown list control embeded header are all supported.
  • LGPL license and commercial license both available.



   Download and use it freely under LGPL license. 

All the data on this site is mockup.


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